is the family office of Christian Angermayer.
The Group’s focus by region lies on Germany and Africa.
The sector-focus lies on Financial Services (especially Financial
Services Technologies/"fintech"), Internet & Technology (from
ecommerce to aerospace), Life Sciences, Media, Real Estate and
Natural Resources.
In general, we invest in all phases and stages of a company's
life cycle, but our main focus lies on non-listed Seed/Business
Angel/Startup deals and larger size Restructuring/Special
Situations deals (mostly listed).
We have a special passion for crypto companies, tokens and
crypto currencies. All our investments in this space are done
via our subsidiary CRYPTOLOGY ASSET GROUP Plc.
Additionally, we advise international investors on their investments
in Germany and Africa.


Apeiron Investment Group Ltd

Block A, Apt. 12, Il-Piazzetta, Tower Road, SLM1605 Sliema, Malta